Welcome to Siteline’s new website

By gm5-adm1n
September 26, 2017

After many months of effort, Siteline’s new website has finally been launched. If you are reading this article, you obviously are aware of the new site. It has been a learning experience for me – in website design and functioning, market, visual appeal and many more areas I didn’t think I’d ever do.

Being the leader of this development effort, the one and only “pat on the back” I will accept is the wise selection of our website consultant, Clique Studios. The creative juices from this company have led to what you see today. There are many organizations that create websites, but Clique was the perfect match for Siteline. They worked hard to understand our company and to guide all of us through this journey. If this sounds like an endorsement of Clique Studios, then we have conveyed the correct message.

The leadership team at Siteline provided generous support, genuine enthusiasm, wise guidance and unending patience with this endeavor none of us truly understood when we started. The Team Siteline staff is proud of their company, and has anxiously looked forward to showing off what we do to the world.

Thanks to everyone that has contributed to this effort. This website will continue to be the showcase for the amazing work Siteline gets to do, and a resource of information about our truly unique company.

We hope you enjoy what you see!

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