Kate Ivanova

Vice President

It’s how you come through for your customer that counts and Siteline comes through time and time again.

Kirk McLawhorn

Sr Project Manager, Project Management & Construction
LendLease Chicago

Senior Management’s focus on customer service is their best quality.

Joshua Peterson

Regional Manager
Onsite Woodwork Corporation

I always appreciate the teamwork mentality they have and the ability of the craftsman to install my product in a professional manner with the high quality I expect. In a business with so many changes and unexpected scenarios, it’s a relief to work with a company that does what they say and makes it all happen in the end while meeting the expectations.

Frank Mauro

National Account Executive
Black Sheep Restoration

Siteline has proven time and time again to be a reliable and consistent source of quality craftsmanship. Our projects have been completed on schedule; the Siteline team is very responsive to any and all of our needs. Great team to work with!

Joe Maguire

Project Executive
JC Anderson

The top guys make a difference, relationships are important to us. Great example is Evan being 100% hands-on anytime there is a problem. Even outside of their scope, he will show up and help.

Jenny Kotz

Sr Project Manager

We both want to make the next project better than the one before. No one wants to make the same mistake twice. Siteline embraced our “lessons learned” session after the job was complete. They have continued investment in making our relationship better. That means something to us.

Joao De Barros

Sr Project Manager
LendLease Los Angeles

The best part was a “can do” attitude, from top to bottom. The office (Dan DeCicco and his team) turned around bids quickly and accurately, consistently followed-up and made sure Lendlease was taken care of. The field (Jeff Cardot and his team) would always find solutions to difficult problems, work late or resequence work as needed to help us stay on schedule. Hit production rates and never missed a beat. Exceptional customer service and professionalism across the board.